Special Edition: Art in the Time of Corona Virus 2020

This special edition is the result of a call to members of the Anawim Community to embrace the vital capacity of art and sprirituality to speak to the current situation. We are adding new content as it becomes available to us.

The world finds itself in the middle of something new and threatening. In so many places we have been ordered to “Stay at Home.” Our events are cancelled or going on-line. Our anxiety and concern for those who are going out to work as well as for those who are losing their employment is heightened. We are well aware that some of our friends, family members and fellow inhabitants of the world have been living with this for many weeks already. We are trying to learn from you.

Now we are living with an odd paradox of being cut off or “social distanced” from each other at the same time that we are keenly aware of our connections and interdependence. We have turned to virtual meetings and on-line family gatherings for comfort and support. We know that when we can find that comfort and support, we do not seem so distant even if we are across the globe.


Tangled Times

  • Art and Poem by Arlene Ashack (March 2020)

COVID 19 – The Sound of Asilah

  • Pictures and words by Clotilde de Maroussem (March 2020)


  • Photos and words by Pat Irr (April 2020)


  • Photo and Text by Gail Hoffman (April 2020)

Pandemic Puzzle

  • Poem by Karen Hurley Kuchar (April 2020)

Birthing Paradox

  • Poem by Pat Irr (April 2020)

On the Wings of this Pandemic

  • Writing by Jamie Lyn Weaver (May 2020)

To Do List

  • Poem and Photo by Cari Shields (May 2020)

Holy Days

  • Poem by Patricia Essig (May 2020)