Sister Dympna Doran, IBVM

Ride the Waves

Thinking of these times —-
The Covid, the upheaval!
The first wave, the second wave, the third wave!
The restrictions, the openings, the closings,
The beginnings, the endings,
The high hopes, the dashed hopes!
But, some bright sun-rays shine forth,
And we see the heroism and the sharing
As we swim in these waters of uncertainty,
Sometimes almost under a wave
Of doubt and despairing,
Sometimes on the crest of a wave
Of compassion and caring,
Always in the ocean of God’s mercy and love!
Continue to hope, to dream, to pray.
Ride the waves
Until, together, we reach a New Day!


I was born in a small town in the lush Midlands of Ireland — Castlepollard, County Westmeath. I am one of a family of fourteen (number nine) 7 boys and 7 girls! I had a wonderful childhood and happy memories of climbing trees in the woods and swimming in either of the two lakes just a few miles outside of our town. The love of Nature and outdoor Beauty is in my bones!

I entered the convent in Loreto, Navan in 1956 and was missioned to Arizona in 1959. I found a remarkable contrast of landscape and culture here in Arizona, but, nonetheless, it is beautiful and wonderful, and, I feel very blessed to be here and to have served in education and other Church ministries for so many years.  

My Educational Background is: B.A (Major in Philosophy) from University of San Diego and M.A. in Education (Major in Counseling) from Northern Arizona University.  But, my main education and molding has come from my wonderful Loreto Sisters’ community and the wonderful people in the parishes where I have served.

2 thoughts on “Sister Dympna Doran, IBVM

  1. Wow!! This is lovely Sr Dympna!! Thank you for sharing so generously your many gifts and life with us! I like the line always in the ocean of God’s mercy and love. ❤️


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