Collects: Haikus of Intention

Arlene Ashack

What do I call you?  The Wave? The Flow?  The Source?
Your energy is hard to ignore.
It flows in and through me, sparking my spirit.
I am the particle so energized by the Wave.
Times are challenging though; directions not clear.
Open me, lead me, ignore my restrictions.
Turn the entanglement into a good vibration.
Take me beyond my limitations.
O Creative One, let the creativity flow!  Let it spill into the Universe.
This I ask of the Unlimited One, Amen.

Patti Crimer

Above “all else” I lift my thoughts to a holy Spirit, the one that brings all goodness to the fold, to the circle of Life.
“All else” which does show the pure sweetness of all else, binding the fold together as one, one tiny speck of life or as big as the Universe will allow through imagination.
My prayer is to take in the strength of all that is simple and good to give peace around me. A simple grain of strength from the wood of the tree’s, fruit trees, oak trees, Japanese trees, Ginko trees. A simple piece of a Monarch butterfly—the enduring strength from the split of DNA. The strength from a crystal of water, everlasting atoms that sustain life.
I can feel the strength of “all else” of the many aspects of the holy Spirit. My gratitude is overwhelming myself, prayers to be humble within always.
Amen! Amen! Amen-to all parts of the Universe through the holy Spirit of “all else”.

Marilyn Peretti

My Creator of morning and night,
the One who knows our need for rest,
help me to sleep without a thought,
a deep uninterrupted sleep
   for the next day’s renewal
   and your work.
May it be.

Cari Shields

God of winter days
You invite us out of our homes and into the cold
You ask us to turn our faces into the bracing wind
Give us eyes to see the beauty of the grays and browns
of dormant grasses and leafless trees.
Let our imagination follow the animal footprints in the snow
and be reminded that the world is teeming with life.
Let us see the fleeting “bird of praise” that sits in the treetops

Jamie Lyn Weaver

God of Understanding
You intervened when the crowd wanted to stone the adulteress.
You asked us all to look inside for sameness, and I believe the forgiveness of self.
Forgive your child that has cast numerous stones of incrimination at her own body.
Forgive her guilt and shame. As you said in your last words, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. From that statement, I know you understand my deeply troubled soul.